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Chalk Board Paint

29 Jan

Good morning!

As promised, here comes the post about the chalk board paint. My new discovery and I will surely use it from now on to my projects (as I did with the Cable Organizer project).

I found articles about the chalk board paint about 2 weeks ago. I check it’s price in the internet and It’s way too expensive! And besides, there’s no fun i buying when you can do it yourself! So, I started looking for some recipes and I found one which is very simple on that blog: http://www.theidearoom.net/2010/09/make-chalk-rocks-and-homemade-chalk.html which is btw. a great blog, you should visit.

As you can see the recipe is very simple: buy paint – any color and kind you wish and some non-sanded tile grout (it took me a while to find it ;) ) and that’s it! The trick is to mix it very well, I mixed around 1 tablespoon of paint and around 1 tablespoon of grout – be careful! it shouldn’t be too thick! MIX IT WELL!
Than I put some of my Chalk Board Paint on the mug. I did it twice and let it dry up, and here comes the problem with the recipe. It isn’t that good for glass or porcelain that is too smooth. After washing the mug the paint melted, so I found out a great thing: Frosted Glass Spray Paint. I ordered it online and I’m waiting for it to come to let you know how does it work.

I put the picture of my Chalk Board Mug :) it looks cool, but I can’t wash it ;)